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148: 2016 2016 Swimmer Club attendance Click Here

147: 2016 May 2016 Point score results now available Click Here

146: 2016 April 2016 Point score results now available Click Here

145: 2016 June 2016 Point score results now available Click Here

144: 2016 Point Score Rule clarification for group 1 swimmers Click Here

143:2016 November 2015 Point Score results now available Click Here

142: 2016 Important kit  information for swimmers moving from Width sessions to length sessions Click Here

141: 2016 Stocksbridge Pentaqua 50m Meet April 23rd 2016. A great competition for Glossop swimmers to swim long course in an International Arena. Click Entry  for more information. We are expecting this meet to fill up quickly so replies back to by the 18th February.

140: 2016 Next Sputniks round 19th March. Entry forms and payment to be returned by 11th March. Click Here

139: 2015 Distance gala results Click Here Any queries  please contact Ellie Bamber

138: 2015 Distance Gala 2016,Click Here for information.

137: 2015 September 2015 Point  Score now available Click Here

136: 2015 July 2015 updated Point Score now available Click Here

135: 2015 Updated club constitution  Click Here

134: 2015 Important letter from the club chairman Click Here

133: 2015 Important notice to swimmers, regarding pool changing rooms Click here

132: 2015 Swimmers new squad and  length session allocations. New squad and length allocations have been determined from club assessment days. Click Here

131: 2015 We have some Gala entry forms with no names on. If your child has entered and has the following date of birth can you please let a coach know ASAP.
5/3/2008, 12/11/2009, 6/4/2006, 25/4/2008.

130: 2015 All Glossop and New Mills Coaches. An Equity and Coaching seminar is being held at Glossop cricket club, Saturday 12th September at 10am, A coaches meeting will be held after the seminar.

129: 2015 Style Gala 2015 results Click here

128: 2015 May Point score results are now available Click Here

127: 2015 2015 North West Regional Age Group Championships Qualifiers Click Here

126: 2015 Manchester & District Division 1 Swimming League dates Click Here

125: 2015 Next round of the Sputniks, (cheque to Satellites SC).  Event info

124: 2015 Do you Swim at National or above level and want financial help with your swimming,  Derbyshire Sport Swimming Bursaries are currently available, click the  Link  for more information.

123: 2015 Updated Club constitution Click Here

122: 2015 March Point score results are now available Click here121: 2015 Club Swimming Event calendar updated Click Here

120: 2015 February point score results are now available Click Here

119: 2015 Style Gala  Friday 12th June Click Here

118: 2015 Jorvik 3 Grades Meet (Saturday 20th June) - Leeds 50's of each stroke and 100m IM, and Retford Meet (Sunday 21st June) - Ponds Forge, Sheffield 50's, 100's of each stroke and 20m IM Click Here

117: 2015 World Record Series Swim Coaching 28th & 29th March 2015, Repton school Derbyshire Click Here  for further information.

116: 2015 Cardiac screening is available on Saturday 21st February 2015 at  Heaton Mersey Stockport for all swimmers aged between 14 - 35 years old. For more details Click Here

115: 2014 October 2014 Point score results can be found in the 2014 archive folder. Click Here

114: 2014 2015 Sputnik Gala round 1 accepted entries Click Here

113: 2014 Sputnik Gala series 2015 at Macclesfield, suitable for all swimmers up to 14 years of age. Can all interested swimmers contact Nicola Bamber  Click Here  for more information.

112: 2014 Nova Centurion Back Stroke swim camp 23rd November 2014  Entry Form  & Information Flyer

111: 2014 September 2014 Point score results now available Click Here

110: 2014 2014 swimmers attendance figures correct up to October Click Here

109: 2014 ASA Adult Swimming Survey 2014, have your say, click the Link

108: 2014 July 2014 Point Score results now available Click Here

107: 2014 Style Gala 2014 results (Updated) Click Here

106: 2014 June 2014 Point Score results now available Click Here

105: 2014 M&D 2014 league results Click Here

104: 2014 May 2014 point score now available Click Here

103: 2014 Updated Club Constitution added Click Here

102: 2014 March Point score results now available Click Here

101: 2014 Retford Swimming Gala Ponds Forge, 22nd June, pass your entry to Ellie  Entry pack

100: 2014 2014 Manchester non National Open Swimming Meet. Want to swim in the 2002 Commonwealth Games 50m pool .

Click Here  for more information. Entries to Andrew Foster by 31st May Entry pack

99: 2014 2014 National, Regional & County Qualifying times now available Click Here

98: 2014 Glossop Swimming Club Distance Gala results Click Here

97: 2014 Point score dates now available. Click Here.

96: 2013 Coach Debís team win 2013 Annual Teachers Gala. Well done to all who took part.

95: 2014 Volunteer Youth Forum Click Here

94: 2014 Do you compete in National or above Swimming Events, if so please read and complete the attached document Click Here

93: 2013 November 2013 Point Score results now available Click Here

92: 2013 October 2013 Point Score results now available Click Here

91: 2014 Calling all club members. How far can you swim in an hour?

Do you want to be involved in the 2014 Postal Gala. Click Here for further information. You can find out more about the Postal Gala event Here.

90: 2013 2013 Annual presentation and Disco, 14th December at Glossop Cricket Club Click Here for further information.

89: 2013 Teachers Gala Friday 13th December at 7.15pm   Click Here

88: 2013 2013 Glossop Swimming Club Style Gala results Click Here

87: 2013 Glossop Swimming Club has unfortunately had to withdraw from the Vice Presidents Gala planned for Sunday 13th October at Broughton Swimming Pool.

86: 2013 Swimming Team for Vice Presidents Gala. Team Selection       Pool Directions

85: 2013 September 2013 Point score results now available Click here

84: 2013 July 2013 Point score results now available Click here

83: 2013 Junior School Gala 2013 lane allocation Click Here

82: 2013 Remaining point score dates published Click Here   Warm up starts 7:15pm.

81: 2013 The Spotlight swimming News letter Click Here

80: 2013 June 2013 Point Score results now available Click here













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